Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Welcome to my world. This is just a brief compilation of some of my favorite (or just notable) places that I like to visit.

First of all I'll just introduce you to my school.....Banning High School in Wilmington, it may not be the best school, but it sure as hell isn't the worst. At least I can make a name for myself here instead of being stuck at some prissy private school.

Notice anything odd about this mural?

Next up is the South Coast Botanic Gardens.....I usually just go in through a hole in the fence rather than pay admission...LOL
South coast botanic garden.....a pretty cool place
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A nice little quiet spot...away from everyone else


Next up are places that I've visited along with my photographer/birder friends.
I usually ride in the back with all the equipment

I believe this was at three sisters

pssshhhhh....BRING IT ON!

This was a really cool day......fog was rolling out

putting up a bluebird box
at eastview park
Other random places.....

An awesome day in Pedro

Harbor night, on a rainy day
Sunrise at Alondra Park
Falconry is awesome!

rainy days....

Cabrillo Beach
Wild Birds Unlimited

White faced ibis at el dorado park
So yeah....these are basically some of my favorite places. 

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  1. Hey, I hear you mention the name Steve Wolfe on this blog. If he thinks he's such a good photographer, then why doesn't HE have his own blog? I think I'll contact him and tell him to keep on taking you on your nature/birding adventures so you don't have to depend on the stupid LA bus system -- IT SUCKS! -- Your admiring fan, Trailhiker