Thursday, May 5, 2011

First Taste of Freedom....

Heres a quick recap of the events that unfurled on the morning of  January 19, 2011: I woke up at 4:30am, was out by 5:00am, and was already foaming mad at 5:30am. That day I had planned to go to four places: The LA River, DeForest Park, Bolsa Chica, and Alondra park. In order to hit these four places in time I would have to follow a very strict bus schedule and have a set amount of time for every place (which is pretty hard when you're out birding unknown places). That morning i skipped breakfast In order to catch my bus on time-the bus was late. I went to grab a donut and when I stepped out the bus was at the stop (across the street). I sprinted across the street and waved my arms, the bus driver saw me but he didn't stop. I was pissed the hell off. By the time the next bus came I was an hour off schedule. About an hour later I was at the LA river.

Black-Necked stilts on outside mallards in center.

After walking down the LA river for about half an hour I was nearly at DeForest Park. My bird list for that day was at 29( nothing too great). I finally got to DeForest park, my plan was to find and photograph a summer tanager and a least flycatcher (reported about two days ago) and be out of there within an hour (It should have been two, thanks alot metro).

DeForest Park
Ten minutes later I found the least flycatcher at the far end of the park without much difficulty, but photographing it was a whole other story. That thing would NOT hold still, It was flying from branch to branch and the closer I tried to get the further It flew away. Ten minutes later I had quit. It took me 20 minutes to make it to where the summer tanager was last seen and he was no where to be found. Half an hour later I was out of the park, no summer tanager, no photograph of the least flycatcher, but I managed to find and photograph a pretty sweet looking robin (kind of odd for the season). My list was at 45 bird species.
American Robin

Two bus transfers later I was at Bolsa Chica Wetlands in Huntington Beach. I had a great time here, I stuck around for three hours before heading back. By then my List was at 94 species, including a few pretty good birds like american bittern, reddish egret, turkey vulture, and long-billed curlew.

Great Blue Heron

crappy picture-good bird(reddish egret)

Savannah Sparrow (Beldings Pop)

Northern Pintails (males and females)

Turkey Vultures

Even though that was as far as my bird list would go, my trip was far from over. I decided to skip alondra park and head straight home. Only problem was that I took the wrong bus (same bus number different direction) and ended up in the middle of nowhere. Nothing looked familiar here and I knew I was lost. My bus was 8 miles away and I had only 9 dollars on me. I asked everyone I could for directions but it seemed like the street I was looking for didn't exist, and after wandering for half an hour there was nothing but condos, old people, and golf courses. Finally I ran into an elderly lady walking her dog who told me where I could catch my bus, I thanked her.

so cute....I almost died
I followed her directions carefully and walked for a good half hour, but the street she told me about was no where to be found. On my way there i stumbled onto the coolest little place in the middle of no where. It was called Sim's Pond Biological Reserve. It was like a little nature Oasis in the middle of the city, just walking by I saw blck capped night herons, great blue heron, cinnamon teal, common yellowthroat, green heron, killdeer, and also a red shouldered hawk- not bad for being in the middle of the city.

Pretty self explanatory....
Well enough about that, ten minutes later I was on the bus heading home. I then transferred on the bus going towards wilmington. About half way through the ride I started to hear the weird rumbling noise. It turns out to be this creepy old guy snoring. It was pretty epic, So I decided to take a picture.
Don't ask why I was taking pictures of old men sleeping.......
 Well I eventually made It home In one piece......the last picture worthy thing that happened was a huge stuffed bear scaring the LIVING SHIT out of me....don't ask why, it just did.
Pretty disturbing if you ask me......

So yeah....thats pretty much an average weekend in the life of Jacob Quesadilla

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