Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Diamond In The Rough.......

Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park.....perhaps my favorite place in the world. It's one of the best places for birding in the entire Los Angeles region, and most importantly-within a ten minute walk from my place. Not only is it an incredible place among birders, but it's also very popular among dog walkers, bike riders, paint ballers, taggers, hobos, creeps, pedophiles, herpetologists, drug addicts, potheads, drunks, model plane flyers,  r.c. car losers, nature lovers of all kinds, joggers, criminals, cops, little kids, and it's the perfect place to throw a big huge Mexican party. You get the picture.....It's my kind of place, and this post is all about it.

misty sunrise

Harbor park is my sanctuary, I know all the ins and outs of the place, and I could navigate the place in pitch darkness (I actually have a few times). In this post I'll give you a tour of the place from my own eyes.

eastern fox squirrel...invasive species
They may look cute....but they don't belong here. They're out competing the native ground squirrels, eating bird eggs, and spreading diseases. So yeah.... think twice before giving them some of your jellybeans.

yes that is in fact a pear....

getting wayy too close to the camera.....

Two words....Martin Byhower-he hates invasive species
Next we have all the reptiles, insects, and amphibians. They're fun to play around with, and some people come to catch em and some people come to dump them here (not cool).
eh...close enough-crayfish

I was leaning on a friend pointed him out

dumped turtle- red eared slider

bullfrog...bad because they eat everything

great blue heron struggling with a snake

dragon fly

Ever had lyme disease?
you're welcome-westen fence lizard
Now its time for (drum roll please) the birds of Harbor Park.
great tail grackle

green heron calling

Threesome! great blue heron(front) snowy egret(right) great egret(left)
mourning dove and northern flicker


anna's hummingbird

allen's hummingbird

eastern phoebe-incredibly rare for the area

tri-colored blackbird in back (pretty sweet bird)
red-winged blackbird in middle
brewers blackbird in front

young coopers hawk with kill

red-tailed hawk feeding

cassins kingbird

Now for my collection of dead animals!
drowned turtle? is that even possible....
left overs....yum
anyones guess.....
Now for everything else.....
dear god....anything but this
dew covered web

Beautiful sunrise

a result of dumping chemicals...

that was totally me =P

not creepy at all.....

LOL....harbor park-the perfect place to do
your valentines day shopping

model plane

harbor park-tagger's paradise

the coon!

they were planting stuff....
another flower

cool flower

conoco philips can suck my d***


utter bliss....

early morning


animal prints
So yeah.....that's basically harbor park, well at least the way I experience it.

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  1. Jacob you are WONDERFUL! Love your photographs, your love of birds and nature and your perseverance. You will go far.