Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Misadventure P.2


Up in the mountains on a cold, windy, moonlit night.......

my moonshadow....i wonder if it's possible to get a moon burn
I really should have brought a sweater on this trip, it kinda sorta slipped my mind while packing. I got back to camp around 12am feeling cold, windswept, sore, and ready to drop- but that's just on the outside, after that hike I felt like I could conquer anything, a feeling of accomplishment that could only be felt after pushing yourself far past your usual limits. I slept well into friday morning that night.


My last day here in the canyon, 3 energy bars left, sufficient amounts of water, and less than 10 pictures left on my sd card. I took the day relatively easy wondering what would happen the next day when i came back to los angeles. What were the consequences of my actions going to be? How would i make up the time i missed in school?

I had alot of time to think that day, but i only came to one sure conclusion: I had no regrets whatsoever. I felt stronger both physically and emotionally, i learned so many important life lessons, and  most importantly i felt like i had matured significantly. Whatever i was going to face the next day, i would face without fear.

Well enough about's midday, and i'm down to my last two energy bars. I rummaged through my pack and found what i was looking for, 3 coupons for free tacos down at jack in the box. Only one problem.....the nearest jack in the box was well over 4 miles away. It was time for an epic TACO QUEST

3 hours later........

Mission accomplished

Oh yeah baby

Saturday: I woke up around 4:30 a.m. to pack up my things. I was so nervous about coming back home that i had completely lost my appetite. Packing up took longer than i expected, but i was at sterling park around 6:00a.m, just as the crack of dawn. Only one problem though....all the bus stops read "san bernardino" when i wanted to get to Colton. Not cool. I walked for miles, coming across stop after stop, asking people if they knew where the bus that went to Colton was. It was just about 7a.m. when i came upon a stop i was sure was going to be "the one", it wasn't. I asked the guy standing there what bus would get me to colton, he said, "this one, it goes in a loop". FACEPALM. I was at the train station about half an hour later. By this time i had regained my appetite and polished off my last cliff bar. The rest of the trip home went smooth as anything, and i was home in no time.

I arrived at my house just before noon, my mom's car was in the driveway. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. My mom answered it, by the look on her face i wasn't sure if she was furious, on the brink of crying, happy, or something else......i had no idea what she was feeling at that moment, but i just put down my gear and gave her a hug.



  1. This is something you'll always remember, a turning point in your life. Now you're ready for Life Part II. Most people never have this "epiphany". It's like me with retiring from Kaiser, and traveling 'round the country. Do it, while you have the energy and your health. No, it's not "fin", it's "And so the adventures continue..."